Like many people, I like doing the things I’m best at – and I’m best at the things I like doing.

So what it is that I do best? Playing with language, juggling words and polishing texts. I am not satisfied until a translation not only has the same meaning, emotional intensity and argumentative force of the original, but also reads like an original.

My skills and experience are particularly suited to the following fields: marketing, advertising and the film industry

As an experienced translator with an instinct for language and cultural differences, I am happy to work in the background and help your texts shine.

I have a degree in translation for English and German from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and have been living in Germany for over fifteen years. Even after 20 years as a professional translator, I still enjoy my job as much as I did on my very first day.

If you would like to know more, simply contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Naturally in S P A N I S H · C A T A L A N · G E R M A N · E N G L I S H 

Best regards – Marta Pagans




Contact information

BDÜ, Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer

Ziethenstr. 26
D-68259 Mannheim

Tel. +49 621 36 00 391




"Marta is part of our elite team. She is our translator of choice for translations into Spanish."

Adam White
Senior Content Designer, Antenna International, UK

"Since 2000, Marta Pagans has regularly been involved in several projects for the Esteve Foundation. Her translation and editing work has been instrumental in raising awareness of our institution's activities. In particular, we would like to stress the unfailing professionalism of Marta's work as well as her reliability and excellent personal skills."

Fèlix Bosch
Director Esteve Foundation

"I frequently worked with Marta Pagans on dubbing translations — mainly from German to Catalan — for the Catalan television channel TV3. Marta was responsible for translating the text and I was responsible for adapting the style to the TV3 language protocol. With Marta I could always feel assured that I could do my part of the task in full confidence that the text was that of a thorough and meticulous professional fully conversant with both the source and target languages. On a more personal level it was a pleasure to work with Marta, as she was always willing to resolve whatever doubts I had."

Ernest Rusinés
Head of TV3’s Language Support Department (2009-2012)




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Centre for Terminology TERMCAT



Dubbing studios:


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Estudis Roca

International Sound Studio


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